Let’s Roll the Credits… (The GATF Eulogy)

As GATF comes to a close after half a decade, I’d like to put out an extended thank you to many of you who have helped and contributed. I will undoubtedly forget some of you, so please forgive me for that omission!

Thank you to the original crew of Tim Sullard, Jacqueline Specht, Matthew Swank, Scott Everett, Ozuky Pitcher, Jon Foster, Joey Mazzota, and Nick Wilson for getting together in my living room one evening in the winter of 2011 to hatch this. You all helped put this together and made it happen.

Thank you to the Droid crew: Moe, David, Vidal, Vangelis, Dean, and Oktaform Greg for their willingness to work with us from the beginning. You guys did so much to help legitimize us by taking Interface on the road out of LA, and I will never forget it.

Thank you to Nate York for all of our design and graphic work over the last few years; you helped give us our brand identity, and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you to Newsha at NewStarr Media for all the video, editing, and production over the years; GATF and beyond.

Thank you to Jason Graves at Apollo Ink for five years of merchandise and creative concert posters. Amazing work, my friend. Thanks so much for all of you help.

Thank you to Steven Dermody, Matthew Cavender, Jacob Todd, Ben Shreves, Sophie Melich, Alala.One, and Matthew Scarborough for all their help over the years. You all have done so much of the thankless behind-the-scenes-work that was so necessary to making each year happen.

Thanks to Bryan and Seze at The Bunker New York for their help, hard work, and willingness to make The Bunker label showcase a reality last year.

Thanks to Will, Andrew, Brian and Amy at RA for all their belief and support in our little thing in the forgotten Rocky Mountain Time Zone. Not sure why you all cared about us, but nobody outside of Colorado would really know about us if it wasn’t for you.

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who have helped move speakers, drive artists, work the door, sell merch, pick up trash, and do an incredible amount of work that really made it all come together. There are too many of you to name individually, but you all helped make it work time and again.

Thank you to Veronica Lamaak, Paul Fleetwood, Lauren Mae, Carl Ritger, Devon Cousins, Steven Dermody, Sojin Lim, Rachel Daly, Kelli O’mara, Nick Wilson and Nate York for the great teamwork to make this year pop-off. You all absolutely carried the ship this year, and your team Olive Garden dinner is coming after we lose money again this year!

Thank you to Communikey, MESS, Make Mistakes, AA, Deep Club, CrowdPleaser, Seth Nichols, Dirty Epic, PUNCHIS and all the other crews we have worked with over the years to pull off a variety of shows.

Thank you to Aaron and Hepp at AudioPixel for years worth of visual entertainment.

Thank you to Faze2 TurboSound, BassCouch, Hedd Sound, Paul Perry, Ejay Toledo, and all the other sound crews who have given us the electric sound.

And thank you to my mother and father who have supported me through all of this and never pressured me to do anything else. I couldn’t be luckier to have you as parents.

Last but certainly not least, a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who bought a ticket, bought a pass, flew from out of town, drove from long distances, and truly paid the way to make GATF a reality. Your hard earned dollars gave musicians and our friends a chance to do what they love and want to do for a living. Thanks one million times over!



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